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The current situation has shown us all how fast it can go and everything changes. Perhaps you are also affected, or have been looking for an opportunity for some time, but have not yet found anything suitable – or you simply have had too little time?

You want to secure yourself with a second income, more time for your family, help other people with a community of like-minded people and at the same time fulfill your own dreams, goals and wishes?

What if there was a way to combine all that?

See for yourself and start now with us in Europe!

MPB team members are independent brand partners of the trusted company LR Health & Beauty.

Our partner company LR has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives with its effective products and unique business opportunity.

In the current time, we increasingly support people to build a second business online and from home.

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Your Benefits

  • Security through a side income
  • More time for family & friends
  • Free time management
  • Online & offline
  • Teamwork & personal support

Why LR

  • Shop household supplies cheaper
  • Quality products at a fair price
  • Unique career plan
  • Success story throughout Europe
  • Proven, time-efficient system

More Information

Check out the business presentation and the documents
to download and discover your possibilities with LR!

Business Flyer

Career Plan

Product Catalogue

In 3 steps to
your online business

  • Activate your own online store for €29.90
  • Choose a discounted trial package or individual products
  • Conduct a personal strategy talk & starter seminar

Would you like to start, or do you still have questions? Contact your personal contact person now and arrange a non-committal information call!


Whether parallel to family work, whether as a second mainstay to fulfill extra wishes or whether as a career with a management function – direct sales offers a wide range of opportunities for self-realization.

– Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Direct Sales Committee
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of an LR Business?

For a one-time fee of €29.90 you get everything you need to start your business with LR: Your own online store to register customers and brand partners, a back office with reports, sales overview, digital training and marketing materials and printed materials.

In addition, you select products of your choice for €120 – or choose one of the sets with the top sellers.

You can start your LR business for as little as €149.90!

Is LR a serious company?

Yes! Because our corporate culture is our DNA. It stands as the driving force behind everything we do – from the products we develop, to the business opportunities we provide, to our pursuit of happiness and our work in communities.

As one of the proud leaders of the global movement for greater happiness and satisfaction, LR takes a unique approach to help us not only look and feel better, but also live better. LR firmly believes that happiness and a positive attitude play a significant role in staying young and achieving a high quality of life.

How much time should I plan on this?

There are no requirements that have to be met. The more time you can invest in building up your own sales network and personal training, the faster the desired success can be achieved.

Do I need prior knowledge?

No, this business opportunity is equal opportunity, regardless of origin, education, social status, skin color, age, contacts and gender. The skills to build a professional business are easy to learn. It is solely up to you how serious you are about being steadfast and successful.

How long does it take to earn money?

It depends solely on you, your willingness to learn, your commitment. Basically, there is the possibility to earn money from day 1 and build up a passive income.

How much money can be earned?

There is no cap on earnings. LR has a unique compensation plan, but is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, it is a great profession where you can positively impact and improve the lives of countless people.

How much support do I get?

This is one of the best things: Besides all the necessary business, statistical and study tools and marketing materials at your disposal, we work as a team. You get all the support (in person, via phone and online media) to start your business right away.

Do I need to "bug" my friends?

No, not at all. You can build your business individually. With your existing contacts, via social media or both. As every entrepreneur does, you can inform your contacts in the context of an (online) business opening, what you are doing now, why and with what.

You have one of the best offers, for someone who, like you, recognizes the signs of the times, wants to create and build something. Whoever wants to support you, or join you, is welcome. Otherwise, everything remains as it is.

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